Team Building (TEA1)
A Colorful Approach—Improving Your Team Through the Colors Program

Knowing how temperaments affect our work and private lives can help us better understand others and ourselves. Through an in-depth Matrixx system of colors, you'll learn to recognize, accept, and value differences. We'll cover:

• What temperament is and how it affects our work and private lives

• The similarities and differences of the various color personalities

• Your primary color

• How all of the colors come together and why we need all of the colors in the workplace

Team Building (TEA2)
More Colors—Using the Colors Program to Reach Your Organizational Goals

This follow-up workshop will build on the understanding developed in A Colorful Approach, with a focus on utilizing various temperaments in a unified effort to accomplish shared goals. We'll discuss how to:

• Determine what each temperament has to offer the team

• Understand and coordinate your team's mix of temperaments

• Use the Colors program to maximize the strengths and minimize the weaknesses of the team

• Work through potential points of friction

Team Building (TEA3)
Angling for Success—Effective Teamwork Through the FISH Program

This unique vision—the FISH program—is a positive, productive way of approaching life that utilizes four powerfully interconnected principles. Take ownership of your work environment by learning how:

• High spirit, lightheartedness, and increased productivity occur naturally in an atmosphere of trust, freedom and responsibility

• Giving others your undivided attention and being fully present allows the team to work more effectively

• The unexpected has a positive impact on internal and external customers

• A positive attitude improves co-worker relations and productivity

Team Building (TEA4)

This Way, Everyone—Team Leadership

Organizations are becoming more team oriented, and—while some of the ideas are familiar— there's still a lot to learn! This workshop is designed to help you build and use teams successfully in the workplace. We'll explore:

• The challenge of team leadership

• Launching and refueling your team

• Making the most of team differences

• Expanding your team's capabilities

Team Building (TEA5)
Go, Team, Go!—Using Teams Effectively

Working in teams takes a different set of skills than working solo. In this workshop, we'll discuss those differences and learn how to put them to use to make your organization effectively team-oriented. Topics include:

• The basic principles of teamwork

• Tools and techniques for keeping your team on course

• Developing team plans

• Playing a vital role in team decisions

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