Sometimes the process of effectively improving an organization's skill set must go beyond even customized training to a broader developmental initiative. We can help you determine when that is the case — and guide you through the assessment of your unique situation and the implementation of activities to enhance your direction, communication, morale and skills beyond the scope of more tightly targeted training.

We partner with businesses and non-profits large and small to assess their needs, develop their capabilities and enhance their performance. From boards and management teams to individual employees — and every size group in between — our consulting services can help your workplace function more efficiently and effectively. Here are some of our most popular services:

Needs Assessment
We can help determine your organization's current skill levels in positions, groups, or the entire organization and provide an assessment of the skills that you'll need to meet future goals. We'll show you where you are and what you need to do to get where you want to be through training, hiring or both.

Employee Focus
Groups Finding out what your employees think about leadership and workplace culture, for example can provide the key to more effective performance. Our focus groups can help determine the best actions to take to enhance leadership skills and improve the morale of large and small groups. We identify problem areas, and we recommend specific skill improvements to address them.

As in athletics, workplace performance depends on interaction and the coordination of efforts for maximum success. We provide coaching for the teams within your organization as well as for individual team members:
•Team Coaching We foster a positive approach to teamwork by the group and develop the attitudes and behavior necessary for team success.
• Individual Coaching One-on-one counseling provides a targeted effort to improve the team by addressing behavior and performance issues and offering third-party assessment of the team fit dynamics of individuals.

Strategic Planning
Planning is a group process, and we can enhance that process for both leadership groups revising or creating overall strategic plans and for smaller teams developing plans limited to their specific areas. We can provide the organizational tools and guidance to keep you on track with efficient and effective planning.

Board Enhancement
Teambuilding and group effectiveness skills are important at every level of your organization and we can help your board of directors function more smoothly and productively, too. Improving the dynamics and proficiency of this key organizational team can provide focus and direction that makes everyone in the organization more effective.

Presentation Partnering
Need to convey your message to a group of people? When you're presenting to an internal or external group of any size, we can help with the behind-the-scenes development and coaching and even step in and do the actual public speaking for you, if you wish. Our expertise can help optimize the delivery of your presentation to any group.

Training Process Development
We can also work with your organization to develop materials, resources and personnel for ongoing in-house training programs. If you have regular, consistent trainings in a specific area, we can help you put a continuing program in place.



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