Motivation (MOT1)
Are We There Yet?—Effective Goal Setting and Motivation

Motivating employees to accomplish established goals is key to your organization's success, but how are goals set, and what keeps people focused on accomplishing them? This workshop will answer both questions and get things moving in the right direction. We'll cover:

• How individual and departmental goals support your organization's mission

• Using motivation to develop the self-esteem of individuals and groups

• How to write effective goals using the SMART criteria

• Motivating for individual accomplishment and business productivity

Motivation (MOT2)
Up and At 'Em—Successful Motivation

Motivated employees are your most important asset. In this workshop, we'll distinguish between internal and external motivators in the workplace and explore current motivational strategies for improved performance. We'll identify:

• Your motivational needs and the motivational needs of employees

• Demotivators in the workplace

• Ways to motivate today's workforce, including part-time employees and productive employees

• The role of self-esteem in motivation

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