Customer Satisfaction (CUS1)
May I (Really) Help You?—Effective Customer Service

Good customer service is a vital competitive tool. In this workshop, we'll define successful customer service and develop strategies and skills to improve service performance. We'll explore specific service-related scenarios and discuss:

• Developing the human-relations skills of sensitivity, sincerity and attitude

• Making customer satisfaction your goal

• Choosing the right words when talking with customers

• Seeing the situation from the customer's point of view

Customer Satisfaction (CUS2)
A Good Connection—Winning Telephone Techniques

Applying good customer service strategies to telephone conversations is a key element in the success of many organizations. In this workshop, we'll provide telephone tips and techniques that will help your company exceed the expectations of your customers. Topics include:

• Understanding the customer's point of view

• Developing the characteristics of quality customer service

• Understanding the role of the telephone in the business environment

• Exploring specific phone techniques as customer service tools

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