Communication (COM1)
Say What?—Communicating with Meaning

Successful communication depends on being understood. In this workshop, you'll learn how to overcome obstacles to effective communication and give your message clear and concise meaning. We'll show you how to:

• Use effective questioning techniques

• Understand the impact of technology on communication

• Present constructive feedback

• Develop your listening skills

Communication (COM2)

Tough Talks—How to Handle Difficult Conversations

We all have difficult conversations, no matter how confident and competent we are. Learn how to handle even the toughest interactions more effectively and with less anxiety. In this workshop, we'll cover:

• Preparing for difficult conversations

• Avoiding defensiveness

• Keeping the conversation on a constructive track

• Turning difficult conversations into learning conversations

Communication (COM3)

Everybody's a Critic—Giving and Receiving Constructive Feedback

Some of the toughest conversations involve problems with job performance—either our own or that of someone who works for us. Either way, the key to success is keeping a constructive tone. In this workshop, we'll:

• Define constructive feedback

• Explain the need for constructive feedback

• Show how to maintain a spirit of openness and mutual respect

• Examine techniques for giving and receiving feedback in the workplace

Communication (COM4)
Stylin'—Developing an Effective Communication Style

Your personal communication style defines your workplace relationships. This workshop will help you understand and develop your style to make a positive impression and communicate effectively. We will:

• Define communication style

• Examine how communication style affects interpersonal relations

• Learn how to "style flex" to better communicate with others

• Develop a style for effective teamwork

Communication (COM5)

Cool It—Dealing with Emotional Situations

It's inevitable that the pressure of deadlines, responsibilities, and commitments will bring out a variety of emotions in your employees and peers. In this workshop, we'll discuss the different emotional behaviors you're likely to encounter and the best coping strategies. We'll cover:

• Anticipating emotionally charged situations

• Recognizing the different types of emotional situations

• Understanding how your responses affect an emotional situation

• Responding constructively to emotionally charged behaviors

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