Leadership (LEA1)
Follow Me—Principles of Leadership

The most effective and efficient workplaces have people in lead/supervisory/management positions who understand the basic principles of leadership and maximize the potential of each employee. We'll explore these aspects of leadership:

• Developing a partnership with the employees you supervise

• Helping each employee reach his and her maximum potential

• Earning commitment—not just compliance—from employees

• Giving and receiving constructive feedback

Leadership (LEA2)
Rookie Season—Succeeding as A New Supervisor

It's important that new supervisors get the training they need to approach their jobs with confidence. We've developed this special workshop for first-time supervisors to help eliminate the common mistakes of inexperience and get them off to a great start. We'll cover:

• Basic leadership techniques

• Strategies for building strong relationships with employees

• Coaching and motivational skills

• Dealing with problem situations

Leadership (LEA3)
Now We're Talking—Communicating From a Leadership Position

How well you listen to and learn from your employees often determines the level of respect you receive as a leader. This workshop will focus on effective communication skills as a key to successful leadership. You'll learn how to:

• Design messages with clear and concise meanings

• Ask the right questions

• Develop your listening skills

• Overcome obstacles to effective communication

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