Conflict (CON1)
When Sparks Fly—Conflict in the Workplace

Some degree of conflict is to be expected when two or more people work together. This workshop will show you how to manage workplace conflict and establish a positive and cooperative environment. Topics include:

• Understanding the basic principles of managing conflict

• Identifying the two main sources of workplace conflict

• Dealing constructively with disagreements

• Managing conflict with confidence and cooperation

Conflict (CON2)
Building Bridges—How to Deal with Difficult People

It's important to be able to deal with inappropriate behavior without generating bad feelings. This workshop will explore a wide variety of difficult personalities—from the know-it-all to the hothead —and show you how to manage each with skill and confidence. You'll learn to:

• Approach difficult personalities

• Introduce change without causing defensive reactions

• Encourage cooperation

• Set meaningful codes of conduct in a non-threatening way


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